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Hello, It's been quite some time since I actually wanted to write this post. After having heated debates with people over the Best TV News Channel (err... surely not the one which gets the awards always), and factually correct news, I just felt like writing it through in my post. And, by the way, this isn't the 'Rann' effect. In fact, I haven't seen that movie and nor do I plan to. The basic definition of news, is to provide information regarding everything that's happening around the world. In short, providing the updates of events from North, East West and South, making the word, News. Through the years, the increasing competition from all the sides, has brought us to face a world where News is bought and sold, over reported and covered. And yes, this is the bitter truth. Most of the time, we are unaware of the reality and the hype is all we give in to. And this is the case mostly with the audio visual media, the TV channels, which are indulged in a self

Beyond The 'Khan'...

Hello everyone, To be frank, I was not sure if I should write on this topic. I talked about it to a friend who brought back the zeal in me and reminded me that blogging is all about speaking your heart out... So, here I go... It's been pretty long now since this debate is going on, Shiv Sena or Shah Rukh Khan? And, Mumbai has already shown it's choice as I begin writing this blog. All the movie theatres are running to full houses and the sound of the people is crystal clear. This spirit of Mumbai, to support the right, remains undaunted. With a wish to spring in to the headlines of all the newspapers and news channels, the supremo of Shiv Sena (the orange brigade), Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray, commented about the so-called 'unpatriotic' behaviour of Shah Rukh Khan (SRK or Khan from now on). And, it goes simply to say that it was the simple goal. After all, the kid whom he nourished in politics (Raj Thackeray), has been making the top stories recently. Seen as a p

My Idea Of The Almighty

Hey there, Discaimer: This post is surely going to be another dose of an eye-opener or an attempt to understand a cynic's (like many people like to state me as) point of view. I'd rather I warn you before I am blamed for. And, these are purely my point of views which have undergone very minor changes since their birth in my brains. None of this is fiction. It's just the reality, in my opinion. No harm intended to anyone or any religion. Right, then. To the post. Almighty, God, Allah, Lord, Jesus, Bhagwan, Upparwala, Dev, Lama, Buddha... A thousand names for that one supreme being. Like I have said in my previous posts, there surely is a supreme power, but, as you might have noticed (if you follow) that I have refrained from naming him. And, the explanation to it lies herein. For the starters, I am tired of listening to this story... God is one. All are his forms and ways to reach out to his mass. He loves all the people equally. He wants to make the world a better


Hello readers, The essence of any relationship... The binding factor of the hearts... The most important ingredient in the life of an individual. That's trust. Trust is the basis the whole world relies upon. All the so-called values are, in my opinion, derived from 'Trust'. If you can trust yourself, you can be a person with integrity. If you trust others, you can be honest to them. If you can trust someone, you can be dependant on them. If you can trust your abilities, you can be courageous. When we first hear the word, the first visual that pops-in to our minds is the last time someone whom we trust, hurt us. And the glass thus always remains half empty. And, I can go on saying that trust isn't easily done, you need to know someone before trusting them, you should be confident of a person, don't trust anyone blindly, etc. etc. How false! There's just one thing, I believe, that's a pre-requisite for placing trust in a person and that is, one convers