Sunday, February 28, 2010



It's been quite some time since I actually wanted to write this post. After having heated debates with people over the Best TV News Channel (err... surely not the one which gets the awards always), and factually correct news, I just felt like writing it through in my post. And, by the way, this isn't the 'Rann' effect. In fact, I haven't seen that movie and nor do I plan to.

The basic definition of news, is to provide information regarding everything that's happening around the world. In short, providing the updates of events from North, East West and South, making the word, News.

Through the years, the increasing competition from all the sides, has brought us to face a world where News is bought and sold, over reported and covered. And yes, this is the bitter truth. Most of the time, we are unaware of the reality and the hype is all we give in to. And this is the case mostly with the audio visual media, the TV channels, which are indulged in a self-battle of TRPs.

The first time I really was enlightened of this fact was, when I went to Jammu a few years back. There was a news channel which I was loyal to, then. And, on the road, we were stuck up because of a check-post for around 2-3 hours. The reporter who came-in there, was asking people to give false reports that they have been stuck since 2-3 days (!!) and there is no arrangement from the government's side either.

I was like... Wow... This is how news is literally... 'MADE'!

Some of you might argue, that there are these sting operations and eye-opening revelations. But, have we ever thought about having such an operation for them in their own den (read: office)? Who knows what goes on in those headquarters? Shouldn't these ill practices take birth from such places only?

It's heartening when those who are supposed to be providing with valuable and precise information end up giving us rather lame and inappropriate details.

Past all this, what's even more hilarious, in my opinion, is having those 30 minute shows (out of which 15 minutes is just commercials) in which they repeat the same 45-second 'astounding' video clip around ten times, and then exaggerate about it the in the remaining time. This may contain the page-3 gossip, the masala from a daily sop, the promo of an upcoming movie, the drama at a reality show, among others... Don't we have access to these entertainment channels that you show us that? Or do you think that by showing it, the level of entertainment on your channel will increase? Wait a minute, are you sure yours is a news channel?

Media should be responsible and true, not arrogant and false. It should emphasize on the positives and report the negatives. It should promote people to do something than demotivate thinking nothing can happen, by emphasizing on the cons. Because, at the end, it is this form which has maximum influence on the people. I believe, it should showcase ideal behaviour over the sought-after one. It should exemplify the views of people, their opinions over various issues, over just the big-wigs of the field. Finally, it's 'us' who is affected by each and every thing!

Some profound thinking brings me to this conclusion that this negativity and lack of interest in hard-core facts, stems from the basic Indian psyche. We never emphasize on the proven facts, but the possibilities. We never look at where we can be, but, shout at where we aren't. We just can't look at prosperity. We can't form our own opinions, and even if we do, they are easily moulded by high-profile politicos, prestigious personalities, or these 'News' channels.

And, this is what we are taken advantage of!

I wonder if many of us have really thought over these things... But, they stand true!

Till the day we can't stand up to this injustice done to us on the part of news providers, how can we be expected to stand for the right, beat the evil or even have our say in a matter?

Some might say, that I have ignored the print media. Well, that's the most pure form of News I believe I have ever read. Reasons:
1. They don't repeat the same lines a hundred times.
2. They don't try to cover their abberations, but, accept it.
3. They provide you with data and statistics that is far more convincing.
4. They surely are away from the 'bling'.

To be frank, there's this news group that I depend on. They have multiple newspapers spread over different languages, and a couple of channels. And, these are the only channels that I trust to update my own self and my knowledge about current events!

In hope for a better media...


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beyond The 'Khan'...

Hello everyone,

To be frank, I was not sure if I should write on this topic. I talked about it to a friend who brought back the zeal in me and reminded me that blogging is all about speaking your heart out... So, here I go...

It's been pretty long now since this debate is going on, Shiv Sena or Shah Rukh Khan? And, Mumbai has already shown it's choice as I begin writing this blog. All the movie theatres are running to full houses and the sound of the people is crystal clear.

This spirit of Mumbai, to support the right, remains undaunted.

With a wish to spring in to the headlines of all the newspapers and news channels, the supremo of Shiv Sena (the orange brigade), Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray, commented about the so-called 'unpatriotic' behaviour of Shah Rukh Khan (SRK or Khan from now on). And, it goes simply to say that it was the simple goal. After all, the kid whom he nourished in politics (Raj Thackeray), has been making the top stories recently.

Seen as a publicity stunt, it was a 'drive' according to them to oppose Mr. Khan's opinion that Pakistani players should be included in the Indian Premier League, better known as IPL. And, what wrong did he say? An event of a kind, IPL is one of the most-watched cricket events worldwide because of the simple inclusion of players from all over the world.

Even then, belying the simple meaning of humanity, and associating every citizen of Pakistan with terrorism and ineffective steps taken by their government, is surely unacceptable. This act of the Sena led to a war of words between the supremo and his son Uddhav on one side, and SRK on the other. The whole Bollywood and India stood alongside him, but, no one had the courage to go and face the opponents directly.

And so it was, the battle for influence in Mumbai took its birth.

Could the Sena find a better time? I guess not. The King Khan had a movie release slated within a fortnight within the inception of this controversy. When someone won't bend down to us, we can hold on to their necks and make them do. This is what the Sena thought of doing. An old Indian political tactic, I must say.

Aaaah! Much to their disappointment, it was more a share with reality. It came along with people going ahead and booking their tickets refraining from the threat.

While the state government washed its hands off it, and was trying to know whodunnit, and Sena keeping its stand on, it all came back to SRK to either go down to the demand of apology for just another flick of his career. Well, as Sena would have thought, it was an SRK movie after 18 months. And, so, he and his fans would me more than eager to have it released.

Trust me, if it was to happen this way, SRK would lose all the respect he has earnt over the years. At least from me.

Much to Sena's disappointment, SRK stuck to his stand and didn't let go off his integrity. That's what I call bravery!

It became a very debated topic for everyone. And, then finally, it was released to fear and anticipation. Sainiks are known for causing destruction to property which was the reason, at one time, the release was called-off in Mumbai.

But, it finally went well. The movie's released, is running great, and the Shiv Sena has lost its name in the headlines everywhere!

As I await the movie and while it runs to the best, there's one thing that I am sure about. As I have said in my previous posts, we will be truly humane when we begin supporting the truth and right. And, I guess the revolution has begun. Thank you Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray for enlightening us on the topic of what truth is and whom we should support!

So, it teaches me that it's beyond who you are, what you are, what you do, that humanity springs from, that your values spring from. It's more about how core your values are and how much you can imbibe by them even in your trying times. This is a lesson we have always been told to learn. But, SRK proved it to us by walking on this path himself. Hail King Khan!

And it just goes Beyond The 'Khan'...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Idea Of The Almighty

Hey there,

Discaimer: This post is surely going to be another dose of an eye-opener or an attempt to understand a cynic's (like many people like to state me as) point of view. I'd rather I warn you before I am blamed for. And, these are purely my point of views which have undergone very minor changes since their birth in my brains. None of this is fiction. It's just the reality, in my opinion. No harm intended to anyone or any religion.

Right, then. To the post.

Almighty, God, Allah, Lord, Jesus, Bhagwan, Upparwala, Dev, Lama, Buddha... A thousand names for that one supreme being. Like I have said in my previous posts, there surely is a supreme power, but, as you might have noticed (if you follow) that I have refrained from naming him. And, the explanation to it lies herein.

For the starters, I am tired of listening to this story... God is one. All are his forms and ways to reach out to his mass. He loves all the people equally. He wants to make the world a better place to live in. And it goes on and on...

If it's so, why do we make different sculptures and pictures of him? It's his forms right? He's one, right? Then why are we fighting over his name, his background, his birth, his existence? If he was 'one', wouldn't he preach 'love'? And, if he did, where did the teaching of 'love' fade?

These questions had me hooked on to them ever since the first time I thought about them. Seems like I finally have the answer.

With time, the teachings from that prophet or incarnation of God and enlightened souls, went through the mouths of many monks and religious gurus. In the passage of time, there were additions and edits to these teachings.

And, the different religions got divided on the basis of their beliefs not knowing that all of these stem from just one message of the almighty, Love and Peace.

Names were given, partitions were made, beliefs were empowered over truth. The next goal: Superiority. Not of themselves, but, of the cause (read: religion) they ended up creating.

This gave birth to the various religious battles we have witnessed and the struggle for superiority.

That's where our love was torn apart. That's where our the battle for peace was fought with blood. That's where taking a life just to see your religion above it didn't seem faulty. That's where the religious structures faced the most severe threat from everything but a natural calamity.

Well, you might say, there are even those which preach non-violence. Yeah, they do.

If stimulating the angry thoughts and hate sentiments is non-violence, it's it. If encouraging silent protests and long glares at the one who practices a different religion is non-violence, it's it. If saying our religion is the most superior and repeating till you are forced to believe it is non-violence, it's it.

I never seemed to understand where all this comes from, where all this is rooted, where are these mysteries detangled and I end up at one answer... It's all in the brain. If you step out with an open mind, looking for the answers, you get these.

And, my idea of Almighty? It's simply two words. Love and Peace. That's what the supremo of this world would want. I believe it. May be even you do. But, not with a deep-rooted belief in your head that my religion, the religion I follow is superior, has better principles and values, is more ethical and devoted.

So, that's where I am. I follow the religion of 'humanity' which teaches me to be humane, to love, to care, to walk on the path of peace and happiness, of not just me, but, of the entire world. May be, it isn't easy to walk on this path knowing the whole world is divided on the basis of the 'good's and the 'bad's which indeed are relative to every person I meet. But, I don't seem to care enough about it.

It is rather a lone start. May be not many on my side. May be not any. But, I do firmly believe that some day the world will wake up, to the fact that we face, beyond these superficial boundaries that we have set and accept the simple truth and learning of 'Love and Peace'.

And I wait for that prophet who would do that to the world...


Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hello readers,

The essence of any relationship... The binding factor of the hearts... The most important ingredient in the life of an individual. That's trust.

Trust is the basis the whole world relies upon. All the so-called values are, in my opinion, derived from 'Trust'. If you can trust yourself, you can be a person with integrity. If you trust others, you can be honest to them. If you can trust someone, you can be dependant on them. If you can trust your abilities, you can be courageous.

When we first hear the word, the first visual that pops-in to our minds is the last time someone whom we trust, hurt us. And the glass thus always remains half empty.

And, I can go on saying that trust isn't easily done, you need to know someone before trusting them, you should be confident of a person, don't trust anyone blindly, etc. etc. How false! There's just one thing, I believe, that's a pre-requisite for placing trust in a person and that is, one conversation. You can't trust someone unless you have had a conversation with them. And, within that tete-a-tete, you know if you can or you can't.

I recently read a quote saying, 'Trusting someone is giving them the ability to destroy you completely, but, knowing they won't.' That's the truth. But, rather a bitter one. Why? Just because it just is an optimist's way of saying, 'If someone breaks my trust, I am destroyed.'

And when someone does break the trust, we are hurt, betrayed, lost, and it seems like you can't trust anyone ever again. It's only soon that you realize that trust can be broken unknowingly too and that you can't keep everything to yourself, nor can you punish the rest of the world for the mistake which was made by one of the six-billion odd population of the earth! You just soon get over it. May be you won't forget, but, you learn to forgive.

The fact of the matter is, that sometimes, how much ever pain the one who broke your trust goes through, it is never perceived. It just gets hidden behind the pain we feel because 'our' trust was breached. Our vision just gets blurred.

A bit into the routine life, you realize it wasn't that difficult to trust even that person again... The wounds heal over time because at one point of time, that person became a worthy part of you life, for the very fact that you trusted them.

When you trust someone, you just don't have to measure your words to know if the person in front of you should know this or not. And, if you feel so for someone, I bet you can trust that person blindly.

Even a blind guy can trust and be trusted. So, trust surely doesn't need vision. Hence, it's proved that trust can be placed blindly.

It's only after attaining maturity that we realize that our whole world runs on these five letters forming a word called 'Trust'. In school or college, you 'trust' a teacher to teach you the best. In an office, the boss 'trusts' his employees and colleagues. In a cab, you 'trust' the cab driver to take you to your destination safely. In the army airplane of another country, carrying the weapons and ammunition, we 'trust' it not to end up bombing us itself. In those summits that are held every year, the heads-of-states 'trust' their counterparts to arrive to a solution. The examples are endles... And so are the times when we end up trusting someone.

Okay, there surely is a difference between the trust you place on a cab driver and that a U. S. President would place on the Indian Prime Minister. But, still, the concerned information must be shared completely, without a glitch. Unless you tell the cab driver to take you to a destination, and 'trust' him with the route to take, you end up getting frustrated and feeling cheated. If the scientists over the world, stop working in synchronization, the world won't be so fast in discoveries, as everyone would have to end up at the same result over long periods of time.

Yes, I end it on the global level just because it's the whole globe which revolves around us, and not just the ones who are associated to us. Every action of trust and mistrust makes a difference to the society as a whole and not just our own selves. And that's where we end up developing or collapsing a society...

It's just the usual for a friend to say to another, 'I trust you.' Even we say that frequently. But, how many times do we really mean it? It's just when someone asks you an uncomfortable question that you tell them directly, 'I don't trust you enough for you to know this,' or we just sideline the question. Whenever next you do this, ask yourself, do you trust the person? Because I don't think trust can be measured. It's simply a 'Yes' or a 'No', without a 'Can't Say' category.

So, next time you tell someone, 'I trust you,' just give these thoughts a shot, and measure for yourself how true they are.

The truth prevails... The candle of trust remains lambent...

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