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Dreams - The Reality...

Two of the most antithetic, contradictory words... Dreams and reality. And when I use them together in the title, that's sure to attract a few raised eyebrows... One of them talks about the reality we want, and the other is a picture of the reality that exists... Both, paradoxical to each other. But yes, I am still talking sane. The reality of the dreams, or, the dreams of the reality... The way you put it, is how you would perceive it. One of the most fascinating topics for me, has always been the occurrence of dreams, the reasons behind them, the connections they have to reality... And may be that's the reason, dreams are the real game-benders in my to-be-maiden-novel 'The Girl'. Even so, I have been on a constant look-out for reasoning as to where, how, which and when do dreams affect us. It's really a very faint and vivid memory that we have most of the times, but, the effects are drastic. That's disturbing, at times. I have always been someone who

Demeanor Of Guilt

Warning: I am not sure why I am writing this... But I am sure this one comes as a surprise to everyone, just as it does to me... Guilt... Such a strange word... A broad meaning... Different applications... Wide usage... But, the underlying feature of all forms of them, is still just the same... Pain, regret, hurt... And after the guilt ride's over, things are never the same as they were before... Guess that's the reason each one of us, runs away from this word forgetting that it will collide with us, in some form or other, at some stage of our life... This is the strange relation of guilt with our lives. Everyone of us does make that one mistake for which we consider ourselves unforgivable. How much ever we try to pacify ourselves, our loved ones try to convince us, all the efforts end up in vain as the guilt resurfaces sooner or later... But, in most cases, sooner than later. That's how we are. And for those lucky ones, there are more than one such inexcusable parts

Broken Solitude...

When I look at the moon, In the glittering sky, Between the twinkling stars, I can hear its lonely cry. When I look at the sun, In full glow, I can feel the heat, But with it the tears flow. That's how life is, Slow and brute, Awake but existing, Through every feud. Some trust lost, A heart broken, Within those few moments, Our life was shaken. Fear is no where, Neither is life, The reasons for dreaming, Die with that cry. Hands to hold, People to talk, That's what's gone, And in came, the lone walk. A short distance, That now seems long, Without you, Everything seems wrong. Fear kills the body, Love heals the soul, Asperous is life, Not at all devoré. I inhibit guilt, Dare to live, To face this loneliness, I am still not brave. Still not tired, Will be waiting, For your return, My heart's beating. Hope still survives, Trust keeps alive, But in the end, This is my broken solitude... ---------------------------------