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Ethanasia - To Live, Or, Not To Live?

I happened to watch a brilliantly crafted movie today (urgh, yesterday now), Guzaarish, directed by one of the finest directors of Bollywood, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. All I had to say even when the movie was just half-way through was, "This is one bloody awesome movie!" And well, it's the finest movie I have myself ever seen in Bollywood... Stupendous performance from Hrithik Roshan, his best role by far; a simple and sober but momentous role played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, as his elegant nurse; a really strong storyline; great supporting roles from Suhel Seth, Shernaz Patel and Aditya Roy Kapoor, among others; brilliantly written dialogues, each conveying something exceptional, each which says something between the lines; mild but joyful chemistry between the leads; all-in-all make this movie a really great one. I even go on to say that I personally think, this movie is better than '3 Idiots' which is considered to be the best as of right now... This is one such

Lost. II

Life takes us to different places. Some seen, some unseen. Some new, some old. Some happy, some sad. Some adventurous, some pleasant. Some lively, some silent. Some pretentious, some real. Some different, while rest seem just the same... And through all this, we can't deny the fact, that we all, every once in a while, feel lost. Not knowing where we are, not knowing where to go, not knowing from where we began, not knowing where we will end up, not knowing what will supposedly happen with us, not knowing anything. For that one moment, we feel the darkness completely surround us, take us down, break us apart, tear us to pieces. It may be in the next street, a new town/city, a new locality, an unknown crowd, sometimes, even within yourself. Whenever anyone says 'Get lost' to me, jovially, I can't help having a smile to myself. Remembering how I felt the last time I actually felt lost. The last time when I felt utterly helpless, for those few milliseconds, the chill th


Through darkness, into the light, That's where I long to go, Within myself, away from the world, Somewhere beneath, to really know. Mist surrounds, wherever belief dies, Heart shatters to feel you cry, Every moment when you're not around, Somewhere lost, in each try. Never been so famished to win before, Or to look at your eyes so pure, Thoughts vivid, restless sleep, Somewhere to find, a sweet encore. For bringing in life, for feeling the love, To steal the pain, whatever it cost, Faith to brighten, all gray specks, Somewhere in heaven, just to be lost. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Poem number 4. Why, how and every question that may pop into your head is a question for me too. But, still, the show must go on... Ciao!

When I First Saw You...

When I first saw you, I never even gave it a thought, That I could fall for you, But, to me, happiness was something you brought. Every moment spent with you, Brought nothing but satisfaction to me, Every word spoken by you, Felt like a new world altogether. Lonely nights faded into bliss, Love took over hate and envy, Ecstasy draped all around the mist, And I came to terms with joy. When I first saw you... ----------------------------------------------------------- The first poem I penned down... Wrote it more than a year back... And the reason it comes up today... Well... Let's just say... When I First Saw You :)...