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The Simple Connection

Ever wondered why everything that you have done, chosen or decided in the past ends up casting its shadow somewhere in the present? Long after it's been done with? Long after you've moved on from it? Well, I tend to notice it pretty often in whatever that happens with me... As they say, wounds heal, scars remain. The scars are always visible... Sometimes, they fade... But, some part of them, prevails, no matter what. It makes me wonder as to why is it that long after we make our choices, take our decisions, are done with the actions concerned, why do they reappear? Why do they ricochet into our lives? How? And for what reason? Most of the times, we tend to see the wrong decisions and choices more prominently, may be because that's something we regret. But, the underlying question remains the same. Static. What's the connection? What's the reason for these ricochets? Why does the past rebound? Mostly when you've completely forgotten about them. Is it never-