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Women, Vowed to be Woed.

Cross-posted from Not Just The Talks . Disclaimer: As the author of this post, I personally recommend only those who are aged 16+ (an adult according to many republics around the globe) to go ahead with reading this post. Others, a sincere request, don’t read it right now at least. Please abide by this request. And as always, this is just a point of view, solely my own. All those who have been regular readers of my posts for Not Just The Talks. , would wonder why this post. Those who aren’t, this part is for you. I had said in my previous post that the first topic I talk about will be ineducation. But, here I am today, posting about the Social Evils, the topic I was planning to write about the last. Reason? Events occurring in and around my life that pushed me to the limit of acceptability of things happening the way they are, have been, but , will not. It’s a fact that the life of women is hard. Like, really hard. And then there’s another fact. No man will e

Just then...

When you know it's the end of something, When the heart cries for it to stay, Just then is when all hope is lost, For things to ever be back that way... When the moment fades and dark engulfs you, When the uncertainty isn't far stretched but rare, Just then is when I want to talk to you, Not for a moment, but a lifetime to bear... When the eyes shudder and scream in pain, When the tears don't talk a happy talk, Just then is when you want to give up, Get on your knees and pull a sad face up to walk... When the reality is just crystal clear, When there's none to dare and lots to fear, Just the distant star speaks to me, That's may be the last time, you'll ever see the tear... When the world is collapsing to a coin, When significance of things is a bitter lie, Just then is a wounded heart healed, Caressed and kissed, bitter is the last goodbye... And when the curtains come down on the stage, When the characters of the act come back to life, J