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The Tenet.

There's always this moment, in everyone's lives, which defines everything. Which puts everything we have always wondered about, thought about, pondered about, felt confused about, tormented because of, at ease and in perspective... Everything appears crystal clear from that view point, from that very moment. That moment, is everything. The awakening, the revival, the rebirth, the arousing. Different ways in which different people define such a moment. And whenever I see someone who has a 'been-there-done-that' emotion for such a moment, it feels as if they have found their way through every problem that life may ever face them with. It fills in them the strength that they will cross through every predicament, no matter now tough, complicated, compelling it may be. Seems as if they have found an answer for everything they had ever felt confused about. That feeling of satisfaction, the quenched thirst of knowledge and knowing, the moment when the reality of our life t

Sorry, Thank You, Please!

Pretty often have I met new people. And even more often do I hear words that are supposedly 'Golden'. Sorry, Thank You, and Please. And I, without a doubt, fail to understand what's so golden about these so-called Golden words?! When we meet people, we get to know them. We share, we care, we learn, and within all this, we barely realize when we begin a new relationship. Peculiarly, every relationship we make, is based on different values and has its own importance. Some on trust, some on love, some on knowledge, some on sharing, some on caring, some on kindness... And the list, is endless! But every relationship, and (almost) everyone of us, considers that saying these golden words, is necessary, whenever the need be. It just doesn't get my head on it as to why should anyone use these words? What really is the significance behind it? And how many times do we really mean them? Simply said, when we make a mistake, we say 'Sorry' to the people who show that w