Monday, January 11, 2010

Lessons Learnt From '3 Idiots'


After watching this movie, I was awestruck. I must confess, I even shed a few tears during the course of the movie. Don't ask me why (many have, by now), because I really don't have an idea.

To be frank, I was going to skip this movie, but, someone then advised me saying that I 'must' watch it. And so it was, on the last day of the year that has just gone, I went to watch the movie with my friends.

As the movie gossips hit the headline way back in May-June, I thought his was a movie that would have much to do with silly people, like Krazzy 4 was. It was only later that I was informed that it was somewhat based on 'Five Point Someone' by Chetan Bhagat. And even later (actually after the movie), that I realized that it was about a life that 'could' probably be mine.

And so, here I am, jotting down the lessons I learnt from this amazingly exceptional movie.

1. Flourish Thy Friendship - The very first scene of the movie when Farhan (R. Madhavan) gets out of his flight with an excuse and then Raju (Sharman Joshi) forgets to wear his pants in a haste to meet their friend, Rancho (Aamir Khan) whom they hadn't met since their graduation five years back, is true reflection of what the importance of some friend's is in our lives. The friendship that flourishes once, will always...

2. Fearlessly Protest - When the ragging is going on, Rancho gives the one of the seniors a real electric shock and makes him realize that he won't succumb to ragging. Isn't that what we need to curb the evil of ragging? It just keeps passing from one batch to the next just because of a wish to revenge.

3. Speak Your Mind, Voice Your Opinion - When the director of the institute comes to address the students, Rancho asks a question which may seem silly, but, it's somehow, really sensible on further pondering. It means that we shouldn't worry about what the world will say, but, just get out there and say what we feel truly...

4. Greatness Lies Within - Teachers aren't Gods. You can't agree to any and every point of theirs. You need to learn from them, but, only what you think is to be learnt. If you think they are wrong, don't behave rudely while trying to prove them, but, defeat them at their own game.

5. Don't Rote Or You Will Rot - Do I need to explain this point? Everyone who has seen the movie surely had a laughter ride while watching this scene!

6. Give Free Helpful advices - If you see something about which you have a better perspective, don't be afraid to tell. You surely have an opinion, may be it's not the best, but, it's yours and unique.

7. Help, It's Helpful - Sometimes, you don't know what your help can do! Just do it. You may face tirades because of it, but, when your help is seen, it will surely be counted for.

8. If You Can't Convince, Confuse! - Well, if you get late while completing the paper, just mix the papers so that the supervisor can't make out which one is yours. Similarly, if no one is trying to understand you, just blurt out some nonsense and make them confused about their own opinion.

9. Don't Ever Drink! It Makes You Careless - As seen in the real world too, people don't really know what they do when they are in the hangover. They sometimes do the right things, but, complicate things even more the other times.

10. Respect Elders - Whoever they may be, whatever they may have done to you, they deserve respect by virtue of them being elder to you. So, give them what they deserve.

11. Selflessness - Be selfless. There is a world around you which expects somethings from you too. May be the expectations aren't sold, but, you need to buy them without being conveyed.

12. Chase - Chase excellence, not success... If you excel, success will automatically follow. I don't think this has to be elaborated more.

13. Fool Your Heart - The heart's a funny organ. It gets afraid with small things. Make it realize that nothing will ever be wrong even in the worst situations and you will be out of them soon...

14. Follow Your Heart - Do what you think you can do best. The world is just superficial. You are not answerable to them. You are answerable to yourself over what you create for yourself, the world you live in.

15. Innovate, Change - Think differently, out of the box. If you know a=b, don't end your answer there. Check if a=c. May be even that will help.

This is no review. There are many on the web. This is just a compilation of the things I think we need to learn from '3 Idiots'. Some aren't conveyed directly, but, need to be deduced upon. Hope you can connect to the scene the learning is from.

Kudos to this amazing movie!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2 States by Chetan Bhagat

Well, well, well... I read my first Chetan Bhagat book. To be very honest, I was biased against him since the very beginning. But, while reading the book, even more. And, to add the spices, was the super credit controversy regarding 3 Idiots which blew my mind off. But, I can assure you that this review of the book is not at all biased. It is completely a fair one. To those who have read the book, it would make sense. To the others, may be not much.

Well, the name, '2 States' was a reason I picked up reading this book first (apart from the dominant reason that someone had recommended it to me) because, as known to many around me, I am a firm supporter of love marriages and even inter-caste marriages because I believe that everyone has a right to choose who they want to marry and choose their life partner, beyond the invisible boundaries set because of caste, religion, language, nationality, state, etc. So, I was rather optimistic to read the book as I had the opinions of someone who probably has the same ideology as mine.

2 States... The story of Ananya and Krish. The story of a couple who first met as classmates in IIM-A, the most-renowned B-school in India. So, they both were of the cream of India. Welcome to their world...

It isn't an easy thing to convince your parents about your choices and that's evident in every house. Any how, this story is much about the problems they faced and the way they tackled them together.

In the very beginning, the author describes the way they first met, the early feelings he had for her, heir study sessions, the lectures, the trauma Ananya, a university topper in Economics, faced when she realized that economics here had more to do with mathematics, and how she felt that it would be a blotch on her personality if she took help. And how she hated guys who proposed her every now and then, even those who weren't friends, and how she had developed a hatred against IITians for being such.

And, our hero's application of the old, simple strategy-avoid and obtain. I wonder how it works always. All I felt (till now) about the book was goody-goody.

The first setback I had with this book, the way Krish told her about his feelings for her, an explanation to why he had been avoiding her, "I have to avoid looking at your face as much as possible because when I look at your face, all I want to do is kiss you." Which guy says that to the girl he loves? If you say this to a girl, then what I can infer from this is, that you are just interested to make the girl yours, prove to the world that even you can have someone so beautiful (Ananya was the most beautiful girl of the batch, not just for Krish, but, for everyone) as your girlfriend. Right, just to shed the tag of 'just-friends' and become the 'happy-go-lucky couple'. If that's all he wants, wouldn't he dump her for the girl who was a Miss Universe.

And then, Krish proves me right. Because, all that he talks about in the whole Ahmedabad act is, the physical parts of a relationship like making love with her, having a live-in relationship in the hostel, kissing each other, staring at each other and passing chits in between lectures. Wow. Has love lost the emotional touch?

It isn't long and they are all set for their interviews via campus placements. They are placed in the jobs they wished to have. Krish in CitiBank, the company which paid for times than any other, and Ananya, in marketting of HLL. In the meanwhile, Ananya is proposed by Krish for marriage, and she says yes.

As the convocation comes close, they plan out how they want their parents' first meeting to be nice and expect them to like each other. However, it doesn't happen like that.

Then the real story begins. The time they were in their respective cities and wrote letters and talked on phone rarely. When both of them had to meet prospects from their community for marriage forcefully through emotional blackmail most of the time. All that was on Krish's mind in the meanwhile was lust and the physical interaction! Disgusting.

Then Krish moves to Chennai for his CitiBank job, convinces Ananya's family that he's the right guy through a series of events and functions, they agree to give Ananya's hand to her. Krish moves back as he's overdosed of Chennai (in six months) and arranges to get Ananya to Delhi for a week to convince his mother (he thinks convincing his father is unimportant). Operation Delhi succeeds. But, a greater task remains. Both the families have to love each other.

For this, a Goa vacation is planned where things go wrong and that's when the strings break. Even after colluding, the mission fails and they break-up.

The real drama unfolds. Krish gets over-involved in his work to avoid thoughts about Ananya. He calls, but, they go unanswered. He is disturbed. One night his father asks him for help and he agrees as he's tired to even fight with him. I don't think he would miss this opportunity to fight if he was well. And, his father goes to Chennai on a day trip and manages to convince Ananya's parents for the marriage.

They have a nice wedding in Chennai according to Tamil customs and the story has a cute ending.

Although, it wasn't very interesting, the language of the book purely suggests that a thesaurus was referred to again and again. Also, a few phrases are placed in the wrong place just to enhance the literary value of the novel. Anyday, I would prefer reading the Twilight Saga again over this book which portrays love without the emotions it is most famous for. It's sad that this book portrays Indians to the world as people who are divided on the basis of states. I don't think India is so ignorant of cultures imbibed within it. The children are shown to have stringent opinions about their elders. I believe, this book, breaches the Indian pledge of secularism.

Even then, for those who haven't read it and don't trust this review, go ahead and know for yourself.


Friday, January 1, 2010


Yay! Finally I step into the third decade since I was born! The 1990s, the 2000s, and now, the 2010s... Lovely! And, the best part is, I am not even two decades old!

Jokes apart... The main reason the title of this blog is 'Inception' is because it marks a new beginning to many things... And, firstly, the new decade (that I have already spoken about).

The last decade was the most happening one, by far, in my life. I graduated from school, entered college, turned into a maestro of computing than just another novice, began getting tutored for guitar, began blogging, wrote 'shayari's and other eye-opening or romantic one liners and messages, began going out with friends a lot, learnt to read people's eyes (through experience, please don't ask me 'How?'), made friends in my own community (about which mom is real glad) and a lot lot more... But, wait a minute. Those who know me, must even be wondering that all of this happened just in the last year, 2009!

Yes, it wasn't the decade I was talking about. It was just my last year! To keep it real, I haven't gone through more ups and downs in any other year as the last one. I learnt many life lessons, I tore apart shores just to do some things, I gave everything I could to new aspirations, I broke the barriers, I formulated a simple funda for my life 'Live life because you are living it.', I understood the importance of friends in my life, that all people run behind is 'fame', 'name' and 'money', may be in different order of priorities and just so much!

I just don't know why I can't focus on the whole decade and am ending up on the last year... Downrightly, I know. Because, every year, I begin my life anew. And I believe, we all learn something or the other new. Forgetting the misdeeds, remembering the learnings. Leaving the pain, taking along the joy. Encouraging the hopeless, attributing the worthy. Learning at every step. And, every year, learning to love all those whom you meet... Spreading cheer, smile and removing that sadness from the eyes which we can.
We may curse myself for the mistakes we have made and never even forgive, but, we won't keep it in my mind for long, just because the learning matters more to me than a fault. It's what we want to become over what we are!

And, at the end of the day, I am a content individual. Optimism and cheer are the two feelings I have right now. Optimism for the best future I can make, and cheer because the small recap of the by gone year, brings that to me...

Needless to say, all that we remember about the 2000s decade is Earthquake in Gujarat (2000), World Trade Center attacks (2001), Godhra carnage (2002), India's loss in the ICC World Cup (2003), the great tsunami in the Bay Of Bengal (2004), the Iraq war began at full swing (2005), Iraq President Saddam Hussain is hanged to death (2006), Benazir Bhutto is killed (2007), 26/11 Mumbai blood bath (2008), the deadly H1N1 swine flu pandemic (2009). Aren't these the first things we remember once we think about the decade gone by. And, there are many more if we begin to jot them down.

The point I wish to make is, I don't write this to make everyone 'ideal' in my opinion. I write this so that the negativism we carry around will fade to look at the glass which is half full... May be very few will agree that it can be done, but, I have been taught, 'You can't lose if you don't play'... But, this is what I wish to say... This is my bit to make this world a better place to live in... For the next decade, and the ones to come...

So, will you make the new beginning and join in, in this effort?


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