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Lessons Learnt From '3 Idiots'

Hello, After watching this movie, I was awestruck. I must confess, I even shed a few tears during the course of the movie. Don't ask me why (many have, by now), because I really don't have an idea. To be frank, I was going to skip this movie, but, someone then advised me saying that I 'must' watch it. And so it was, on the last day of the year that has just gone, I went to watch the movie with my friends. As the movie gossips hit the headline way back in May-June, I thought his was a movie that would have much to do with silly people, like Krazzy 4 was. It was only later that I was informed that it was somewhat based on 'Five Point Someone' by Chetan Bhagat. And even later (actually after the movie), that I realized that it was about a life that 'could' probably be mine. And so, here I am, jotting down the lessons I learnt from this amazingly exceptional movie. 1. Flourish Thy Friendship - The very first scene of the movie when Farhan (R. Madha

2 States by Chetan Bhagat

Well, well, well... I read my first Chetan Bhagat book. To be very honest, I was biased against him since the very beginning. But, while reading the book, even more. And, to add the spices, was the super credit controversy regarding 3 Idiots which blew my mind off. But, I can assure you that this review of the book is not at all biased. It is completely a fair one. To those who have read the book, it would make sense. To the others, may be not much. Well, the name, '2 States' was a reason I picked up reading this book first (apart from the dominant reason that someone had recommended it to me) because, as known to many around me, I am a firm supporter of love marriages and even inter-caste marriages because I believe that everyone has a right to choose who they want to marry and choose their life partner, beyond the invisible boundaries set because of caste, religion, language, nationality, state, etc. So, I was rather optimistic to read the book as I had the opinions of some


Yay! Finally I step into the third decade since I was born! The 1990s, the 2000s, and now, the 2010s... Lovely! And, the best part is, I am not even two decades old! Jokes apart... The main reason the title of this blog is 'Inception' is because it marks a new beginning to many things... And, firstly, the new decade (that I have already spoken about). The last decade was the most happening one, by far, in my life. I graduated from school, entered college, turned into a maestro of computing than just another novice, began getting tutored for guitar, began blogging, wrote 'shayari's and other eye-opening or romantic one liners and messages, began going out with friends a lot, learnt to read people's eyes (through experience, please don't ask me 'How?'), made friends in my own community (about which mom is real glad) and a lot lot more... But, wait a minute. Those who know me, must even be wondering that all of this happened just in the last year, 2009!