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Right Or Wrong

Bonjour Readers! Pretty frequently I face this dilemma with my own self, 'Is what I just did right? Or should it have been the other way round?' And I am sure, everyone of us, faces any of the following questions every once in a while. 'Why did I do that?' 'Was that right?' 'What was in it that makes me feel terrible?' 'I just did what I felt. If that's not upto your expectations, so am I possibly wrong?' And the list goes on... But the real question is... What's right? What's wrong? I believe that's one of the most controversial question we can ever face! I believe the distinction between 'Right' and 'Wrong' is subjective, opined and personal. It all depends upon us as to what we think it is. To be put in simple terms and language, some people believe that those who believe in the presence of God are correct, while the atheists have their own opinion about it. Killing someone is an offense for me. But for

It's All About The Eyes...

Hello readers, It's been quiet some time since I have been observing people and their eyes and trying to understand what they really mean to say behind those words. Here today, I just am trying to tell what 'eyes' of different people have told me without words... I believe eyes are the most pure and expressive organs of the body. Any feeling that we feel, our heart feels, like happiness, sadness, love, hate, like, dislike, anger, fury, satisfaction, joy, fear, confusion, contrast, envy, loss, pain, greed, rage, grievance, confidence, etc. are just perfectly expressed by our eyes. Anything we do, what we feel when we do it, what we expect the reaction to be, everything, is just expressed through our eyes... We may control our words and actions to dupe someone, but our eyes, they just don't listen to our brain! Sometimes, everything happens as we want it to. At other times, it may be contrary. And we end up being disappointed. Although we don't want to let the p