Thursday, September 22, 2011


It's been over a month in Pune as I begin to write this post. Didn't expect it to be so long till I would write any post since my last, but well, life's like that... You can't predict what happens with you, what will happen and things keep happening... They do, always.

So, coming to the point, 'attachments'... I don't know if it's just me or everyone, but, this very word reminds me of a simple thing, e-mail attachments. Just as the purpose of sending an e-mail which is supposed to have an attachment, is not justified if it is not attached, is it the same with life if we are not around those people, things and places that we are attached to? It's a complicated thought. Also, not something you can talk about just like that without actually knowing what it all stands for. Relationships are attachments. Addictions are attachments. People are attachments. Hangout places are attachments. Homes are attachments. In short, we are surrounded by our attachments. Everything around us is something we are attached to, for some reason or purpose, or in the end, convenience or comfort. That's life. A string of attachments.

While some say that getting rid of these attachments is impossible, I choose to defer.

Let's face it. Staying in Pune alone for the last one month, no friend, no family, no one known, a completely new place, nothing familiar and all else, makes me say this. No kidding. It is not amusing to me how I've adjusted to this new way of life, because I know that there are many others like me in different parts of the country, and also the world, of my same age who have and are doing the same. Reason? Studies, goals and aims of life. Nothing seems to go past them.

Life's a beautiful journey, they say. I agree. And when it decides to keep you away from everything that you're attached to, it is, for your own good. Why wouldn't it be? Staying out of the comfort zone of our house, getting into the wild, leading yourself into a completely new environment, knowing that you've got to survive there no matter, makes you oblivious of how things were back then, when we were attached.

Everytime I'm reminded of Mumbai, I think about the attachments, all of them. But, then I'm glad I'm here in Pune. It's giving me an opportunity to get past my attachments, feel the world even more closely, the way I want to, without restrictions and boundaries, without having to do things for someone or the other, without having to run errands for friends or turn up as helping hands... Not that I regret any of those, not at all. But, when I see my life this way, it's just as good. It's a whole new way to learn and find myself beyond those attachments.

Then again, there are those whom I know who are afraid to get past their attachments, even when they're away from them. Those who assume that things can just not be the same if they change, and that some attachments are absolutely necessary, at the same intensity and degree. Probably they're right in their way... It'd be a shame then that I couldn't see it that way. But for now, I just feel that every attachment, no matter with which person of our lives it is, how much ever important he/she is, with which thing or addiction it is, with which place it is, is healthy if maintained to the point and differentiated with the circumstance. That's the way I see it.

By that, if anyone feels that I'm implying a complete distance to the attachments, you've surely got me wrong there. All I mean to say is, that with change in the circumstances, we need to change. We do miss the old things, but, letting that hamper our present by letting our emotions about our emotions bog us down, is surely, not a healthy approach to life and the situations facing us.

Fear. The very reason we are so unsure of letting any and every attachment go by... Fear of who we'd be without them, it's scary, sure. But, if you don't jump in the pool, you won't learn how to swim! You may drown once, but someone will save your life then. You'll be more prepared to jump in with precautions the next time. Or if you're a coward, you won't try again. Either ways, it's about you and your life...

Who will we even be without someone or something we care about and need? May be incomplete for a while, but eventually, we learn to live without it. We learn, we grow. That's the beauty of life.

How fair are we to this world if we don't let ourselves meet new people and get attached to them just because we want to stay attached to the ones that were? There are almost 7 billion people in this world, and if I begin counting things, I would have to count straight for days and nights. What I mean to say is, let's give ourselves a chance to get past the attachments that are, tread into the unknown, find ourselves and then the person, things, places, we will be attached to forever...!

The gist of the post? Attachments are many. Life is not an e-mail. Let them be in the fray of living a healthy life without many dependencies, I would say, rarely any dependencies.

Till my next post... Align your 'Attachments...'!

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