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2010: Learning From What's Happened...

Well... This isn't your usual look-back to the year that you usually read in the newspaper columns... This one's different, pretty different, because here, I want to emphasize on those 12 events of the year, which left an effect on me. Drastic one too, probably. Those events from which I learned, from which I changed, from which, the world learned, from which, the world changed. On to it then... January, 2010 Haiti, 2010 It was a usual evening in Haiti, and one of the worst earthquakes of human history hit this small nation of the Caribbean Islands. Most of us out here in India, don't even know where it is (confession: even I didn't till it began making the headlines)... Probably not a big thing. Probably just your usual earthquake which Indonesia and Japan face every once in a while. But for me, this has one specific importance. The whole of America came together to support this neighbour of theirs. In a world where people of neighbouring coun

G For Generation, G For Gap.

Oh well, well. When you probably begin reading this, you would be of the idea, 'What the hell does he think he is writing on? That too on the world wide web?' Brave! Let me tell you, the first thing, I don't know (I know that's usual that I don't know why I write what I write, even regular readers of my blog may know that) why. It was just something I was thinking about the other night, and I realized, it would be better to just write it down, put it up on the blog, and have everyone to decide what their stand is... So, here it goes... Generation gap. One of the most disputed, and legit topics. Who doesn't know about it or hasn't seen it? Everyone of us can surely point out the difference... Can see why somethings are done differently... So that's that. But, I always, always (not a typo) fail to understand the reason why people would have difference of opinions just because of the difference in the age group... I am just going to point out a few re


There are moments when from within the crowd, Stands up a person who was once a no-one, And then he sets out to touch the skies, Just to come to know as 'Someone'... I have been there once when I was little, Stood up and fell down as everyone, Tried and succeeded, fought and lost, Never cheated, and in the end, I was 'Someone'... Until when I had a choice to make, From wanting to be someone to everyone, A cynosure, a public figure, may be, even a celebrity, To being something for the one, everything to 'Someone'... I chose what pleased my heart, While the head kept saying number one, Today the world doesn't remember who I was, Just because I chose the love of 'Someone'...! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Just another poem... Just a few lines which were destined to be...

Ethanasia - To Live, Or, Not To Live?

I happened to watch a brilliantly crafted movie today (urgh, yesterday now), Guzaarish, directed by one of the finest directors of Bollywood, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. All I had to say even when the movie was just half-way through was, "This is one bloody awesome movie!" And well, it's the finest movie I have myself ever seen in Bollywood... Stupendous performance from Hrithik Roshan, his best role by far; a simple and sober but momentous role played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, as his elegant nurse; a really strong storyline; great supporting roles from Suhel Seth, Shernaz Patel and Aditya Roy Kapoor, among others; brilliantly written dialogues, each conveying something exceptional, each which says something between the lines; mild but joyful chemistry between the leads; all-in-all make this movie a really great one. I even go on to say that I personally think, this movie is better than '3 Idiots' which is considered to be the best as of right now... This is one such

Lost. II

Life takes us to different places. Some seen, some unseen. Some new, some old. Some happy, some sad. Some adventurous, some pleasant. Some lively, some silent. Some pretentious, some real. Some different, while rest seem just the same... And through all this, we can't deny the fact, that we all, every once in a while, feel lost. Not knowing where we are, not knowing where to go, not knowing from where we began, not knowing where we will end up, not knowing what will supposedly happen with us, not knowing anything. For that one moment, we feel the darkness completely surround us, take us down, break us apart, tear us to pieces. It may be in the next street, a new town/city, a new locality, an unknown crowd, sometimes, even within yourself. Whenever anyone says 'Get lost' to me, jovially, I can't help having a smile to myself. Remembering how I felt the last time I actually felt lost. The last time when I felt utterly helpless, for those few milliseconds, the chill th


Through darkness, into the light, That's where I long to go, Within myself, away from the world, Somewhere beneath, to really know. Mist surrounds, wherever belief dies, Heart shatters to feel you cry, Every moment when you're not around, Somewhere lost, in each try. Never been so famished to win before, Or to look at your eyes so pure, Thoughts vivid, restless sleep, Somewhere to find, a sweet encore. For bringing in life, for feeling the love, To steal the pain, whatever it cost, Faith to brighten, all gray specks, Somewhere in heaven, just to be lost. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Poem number 4. Why, how and every question that may pop into your head is a question for me too. But, still, the show must go on... Ciao!

When I First Saw You...

When I first saw you, I never even gave it a thought, That I could fall for you, But, to me, happiness was something you brought. Every moment spent with you, Brought nothing but satisfaction to me, Every word spoken by you, Felt like a new world altogether. Lonely nights faded into bliss, Love took over hate and envy, Ecstasy draped all around the mist, And I came to terms with joy. When I first saw you... ----------------------------------------------------------- The first poem I penned down... Wrote it more than a year back... And the reason it comes up today... Well... Let's just say... When I First Saw You :)...

The Tenet.

There's always this moment, in everyone's lives, which defines everything. Which puts everything we have always wondered about, thought about, pondered about, felt confused about, tormented because of, at ease and in perspective... Everything appears crystal clear from that view point, from that very moment. That moment, is everything. The awakening, the revival, the rebirth, the arousing. Different ways in which different people define such a moment. And whenever I see someone who has a 'been-there-done-that' emotion for such a moment, it feels as if they have found their way through every problem that life may ever face them with. It fills in them the strength that they will cross through every predicament, no matter now tough, complicated, compelling it may be. Seems as if they have found an answer for everything they had ever felt confused about. That feeling of satisfaction, the quenched thirst of knowledge and knowing, the moment when the reality of our life t

Sorry, Thank You, Please!

Pretty often have I met new people. And even more often do I hear words that are supposedly 'Golden'. Sorry, Thank You, and Please. And I, without a doubt, fail to understand what's so golden about these so-called Golden words?! When we meet people, we get to know them. We share, we care, we learn, and within all this, we barely realize when we begin a new relationship. Peculiarly, every relationship we make, is based on different values and has its own importance. Some on trust, some on love, some on knowledge, some on sharing, some on caring, some on kindness... And the list, is endless! But every relationship, and (almost) everyone of us, considers that saying these golden words, is necessary, whenever the need be. It just doesn't get my head on it as to why should anyone use these words? What really is the significance behind it? And how many times do we really mean them? Simply said, when we make a mistake, we say 'Sorry' to the people who show that w

You've Got The Power!

Power. That's a big word when you say it to anyone in India. When you say that, you simply mean, you've got enough connections, enough known people, enough people who would be there to save you, if you fell in any sort of trouble. And the people who can say they are 'powerful' are barely few in India. Courtesy: The ineffective and delayed results from Indian Judicial system, the corrupt Bureaucrats and the extra-irresponsible politicians elected by us to the legislature. And everyone who isn't either of these, sure has a lust for power. To secure himself, to stay away from any sort of problems, issues, hassles. Frankly, I am of those very few in this country called India who would still not give up their values while fighting for what is right against someone who is powerful. I wouldn't. And I did prove my point, my stand, sometime back when I got into a tiff with someone who had the power to not only spoil my entire academic year but which would also mean m

Happy Birthday, My Blog!

I still remember that day... I was reading Blogs by Bugs , the blog of one of my dearest friends, Bhavin Shah, that fateful afternoon... And suddenly, a thought, a wish, a desire ran through me... I wanted to have my own blog! And so here I am... With my own blog, and almost 50-odd regular followers... That's Setu's Blog today! When I wrote my first blog, way back on 3rd September, 2009, I wasn't sure what blogging was all about. The only thing I knew was, I wanted to have a medium through which I could take my thoughts, opinions and ideology, to the world. I was (and still am) an amateur writer. A teenager who just had gotten out of school, and all he wrote there was 300-word essays on imposed topics! That was a time I couldn't be creative... Whatever I write, even today, is raw, unpolished stuff in my opinion... But, that's just me... I didn't know much about how to write, what to write etc. I just knew, I wanted to write... Whatever I felt... Whatever I

The Dream Called 'India'...

"At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom...!" This line in particular, from the speech of the first Prime Minister of independent India, better known to me as Chacha Nehru, on the eve of the Independence Day, rings in my ears every time I think about my mother-land India's Independence Day... We take on the 64th year... A million challenges ahead of us... A million goals... A million benchmarks to be set... A millions paths to be paved... A million years of tradition to be preserved... A million traditions to uphold... And a billion voices to be heard... That's India...! When the fight for independence first began in the year 1857 with Mangal Pandey and his supporters, who would have thought that the India would be like it is today? Even those who were a part of the 1947 victory wouldn't have, I believe. I wonder at times what really was the dream called 'India'? What 'India' did those

Dreams - The Reality...

Two of the most antithetic, contradictory words... Dreams and reality. And when I use them together in the title, that's sure to attract a few raised eyebrows... One of them talks about the reality we want, and the other is a picture of the reality that exists... Both, paradoxical to each other. But yes, I am still talking sane. The reality of the dreams, or, the dreams of the reality... The way you put it, is how you would perceive it. One of the most fascinating topics for me, has always been the occurrence of dreams, the reasons behind them, the connections they have to reality... And may be that's the reason, dreams are the real game-benders in my to-be-maiden-novel 'The Girl'. Even so, I have been on a constant look-out for reasoning as to where, how, which and when do dreams affect us. It's really a very faint and vivid memory that we have most of the times, but, the effects are drastic. That's disturbing, at times. I have always been someone who

Demeanor Of Guilt

Warning: I am not sure why I am writing this... But I am sure this one comes as a surprise to everyone, just as it does to me... Guilt... Such a strange word... A broad meaning... Different applications... Wide usage... But, the underlying feature of all forms of them, is still just the same... Pain, regret, hurt... And after the guilt ride's over, things are never the same as they were before... Guess that's the reason each one of us, runs away from this word forgetting that it will collide with us, in some form or other, at some stage of our life... This is the strange relation of guilt with our lives. Everyone of us does make that one mistake for which we consider ourselves unforgivable. How much ever we try to pacify ourselves, our loved ones try to convince us, all the efforts end up in vain as the guilt resurfaces sooner or later... But, in most cases, sooner than later. That's how we are. And for those lucky ones, there are more than one such inexcusable parts

Broken Solitude...

When I look at the moon, In the glittering sky, Between the twinkling stars, I can hear its lonely cry. When I look at the sun, In full glow, I can feel the heat, But with it the tears flow. That's how life is, Slow and brute, Awake but existing, Through every feud. Some trust lost, A heart broken, Within those few moments, Our life was shaken. Fear is no where, Neither is life, The reasons for dreaming, Die with that cry. Hands to hold, People to talk, That's what's gone, And in came, the lone walk. A short distance, That now seems long, Without you, Everything seems wrong. Fear kills the body, Love heals the soul, Asperous is life, Not at all devoré. I inhibit guilt, Dare to live, To face this loneliness, I am still not brave. Still not tired, Will be waiting, For your return, My heart's beating. Hope still survives, Trust keeps alive, But in the end, This is my broken solitude... ---------------------------------

As I Wait For You...

Under the scorching sun, As I wait for you, With a broken heart, That still beats for you. I look into the crowd, For a known face. And in the mirror, To see my own disgrace. And all I find wherever I go, Is just you and your memories lost. Every moment, every memory, That's all that's left in me. Tears have dried, The laugh has faded. In a monotone of black, Life has evaded. Never had I thought, I would be so involved. Never had I believed, That even I could grieve. And losing you has brought, Nothing to me. Pleasure in pain, Is all that remains. With you, Without you, I remember how it feels, To be around you. And still your face, Captured in my closed eyes. Every night, That's just alone to be. In the wake of every dawn, I hope to see you. At the break of every day, I close my eyes to feel you. Seasons change, From autumn to rain. But colours in my life, Still remain the same. Rain swept the colours of life, In a jiffy,


Everyday... Every hour... Every minute... Every second... We feel a long string of emotions. Like, a small incident, a little change, and the emotions we feel, turn out to be completely different from the ones a few moments back... They change by a major! Sometimes I love to think... Was life simpler when we were younger? Like the pre-teens and when double digit ages had just begun? And, yes... Life was easier... The reason I can cite is simple. The emotions we feel, the reasons that change and affect our emotions were few. There were just two simple words to describe emotions... Happiness or sadness. Simply said... Simply understood, even... And today? Life changed within these almost four years after getting into the teens... May be even this is a process of growing up. And if it's so, those elder to me, must be facing even more a deal managing their emotions! The simple happiness, the expressions of joy, just got so many names and expressions... Happiness, joy, gay, grin