Thursday, January 27, 2011

The 128th Hour...

I went to watch the movie '127 Hours' day before yesterday. Reason? Simple. It was a winning story. It was made by the Academy Award Winning director Danny Boyle and the trailer was far more than just impressive. I must confess, that when I decided to go for the movie, I hadn't expected it to be so amazing.

For those who don't know about the story that the movie's about, it's the story of an Aron Ralston, a climber and canyoneer, by hobby. It's a story about one such expedition of his. Being the kind of person he was, he went out to the Grand Canyon, that fateful weekend, alone. Besides, he didn't even inform anyone about where he was going. That's the kind of person he was!

Suddenly, one of the smaller rocks slipped from below his leg and he fell into a gorge. To add to his problem, his right hand got stuck below the rock, which didn't move. He stays in the same position, while his hand pains, stays under the rock for 127 Hours, before he cuts his arm and moves on. That's a triumphant, courageous, hopeful story. And much as everyone of us would want to believe it's fiction, it simply wasn't! This is a true account of Aron Ralston who went on to memoir those 127 Hours in his book 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' on which the movie is based.

You must be wondering am I talking about his 127 hours when the post title is the 128th hour, right? That's exactly is the point I'm making.

Hope, is all I'm going to talk about.

How easy is it for us to get into the negative phase of our thoughts? Not dare to beat them or fight against them? Life is a gift and how many times do we forget that we are disrespecting the giver if we don't make optimum use of this gift?

The argument I am possibly facing, situations, circumstances, etc. Completely agreed. But the fact that you're reading this right now is enough to say that you've beaten those negative thoughts that would have probably led you to disastrous consequences and traumatic results! That's what life is about. Standing taller than what you ever thought you could.

Now there's this guy from the movie, Aron Ralston, a hero, undoubtedly. He even recorded a video for everyone who meant something to him on the 3rd day of being stuck. He had lost hope. Mind you, he was stuck in the same place for 5 days and 7 hours without food or water, accompanied with the pain and inability.

Simply, he did lose hope of surviving. But, he kept living, trying his best to stay, to live. He didn't give up. He decided to let life take a toll on him itself. That's hope.

How justified are we to lose hope in situations we face? Is it so easy to lose hope when building and believing in it takes eons? There can be nothing as beautiful as a hope to have a happy life. But, there can't be anything as worse as a lost hope, either.

Feeling helpless, insecure, lonely, broken, lost, depressed or anything else, is completely justified. Only if we can come through it soon. Only if we can come out stronger... There's a hairline difference between losing hope and giving up. And if either of them occur, it's barely possible to figure out that difference before losing both. That's how dominant such feelings are on us. And common, it has to be accepted that it's we who let our negative feelings rule us over, over the positive ones. That no matter how hard we try to overcome every feeling that may tear us down, we do have that one feeling which says to us that it will dare to break us apart.

And it's standing up against that feeling, with hope, in the 128th hour (read: the toughest of times) that makes the difference, that keeps us alive, that keeps life hopeful. If not for that decision of Aron Ralston, today we probably wouldn't have had even the slightest of clues that a person with that name did exist!

It may sound that this is true in the case you want fame, success, want to make it big... But, imagine yourself in place of Aron. Would you have ever thought you would be the subject of a whole movie which the world would praise? All we can think of, in that moment of pain is a feeling that's called hope. That hope which takes birth from the slightest of changes and stays alive till our death. He didn't even think he would make it through alive, at first!

Hope's crucial. The 128th Hour is when it all matters... But, these define the difference between victory and defeat, of life on the whole... That's what's the game-changer of the real world...


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