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The 128th Hour...

I went to watch the movie '127 Hours' day before yesterday. Reason? Simple. It was a winning story. It was made by the Academy Award Winning director Danny Boyle and the trailer was far more than just impressive. I must confess, that when I decided to go for the movie, I hadn't expected it to be so amazing. For those who don't know about the story that the movie's about, it's the story of an Aron Ralston, a climber and canyoneer, by hobby. It's a story about one such expedition of his. Being the kind of person he was, he went out to the Grand Canyon, that fateful weekend, alone. Besides, he didn't even inform anyone about where he was going. That's the kind of person he was! Suddenly, one of the smaller rocks slipped from below his leg and he fell into a gorge. To add to his problem, his right hand got stuck below the rock, which didn't move. He stays in the same position, while his hand pains, stays under the rock for 127 Hours, before he cu