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Just Another Ride...

Hey reader! I often happen to travel by a rickshaw (often known as a rick, in the suburbs of Mumbai) or a cab and then I begin thinking about a dozen different things... This is something, I believe, everyone who takes on such vehicles has gone through... Hope you can connect to it at some point... And this one, is a tribute to all my such rides till date... Yes, a 'tribute'... It's strange feeling when I get into the vehicle to take me to my next destination... It's peculiar as to how many things run through my mind... Will I reach on time? Would traffic delay me? What will it be like there? Have I forgotten something? What's it going to be like? Will it be memorable? Would I enjoy? Will I run into someone whom I know? Will I meet someone new and interesting? A million more questions pose in for me... You decide for yourself... Because, it's just another ride... And then, as the vehicle begins... I look at the curious gaze of the on-lookers who stare at