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Christmas Is Here!

Merry Christmas! Christmas... The word reminds me of a really grand festival which marks the birthday of Jesus Christ, the great prophet. The first picture that comes to my mind (and most others) is obviously, the Christmas tree, with a star on the top! Gifts surrounding the tree and the small coloured balls hanging on it from every small branch. And, who can forget the beautiful scenery on the outside? Pure white snow everywhere... Houses illuminated by yellow lights... The Christmas decorations and gifts are something everyone in the family takes efforts for. The Christmas delicacies, especially the cake and the chocolates... The socks that are hung outside the window by kids in hope of the Santa Clause dropping gifts for them. And, how can I forget the such holy people and animals associated with Christmas. The reindeer who pulls the Santa's flying sledge, the milk white rabbits, the red-outfitted, extremely fat, long-beard guy, with a big red bag, whom we popularly kn

The Return Of The 'Paisa'...

Hey there, "Grandma, may I take those coins lying there? I hope you don't mind that." "Mom, can I take the coins of USA, UK, France, etc. that lie in the cupboard? I would like to have them for my coin album." "Mom! Grandma just found a coin of the early Gujarat kings' times! And, the cherry on the cake is, that I can have it!" These were my reactions and requests, few years back, to have the coins of various countries of the world and the antiques of India. I still remember the pains with which I filled my own coin album (yes, specially designed for fitting coins) in ascending order of their denominations. It was a different hobby which I took up out of astonishment. Today, as I look back into my school years, it's one of the best things that happened to me. And, that's where this post actually begins! So many coins! The medieval Indian coins when the 1/12 anna, 1/2 anna, etc. were the coins of maximum denomination. As I look


Hello readers, I know it has been really long since my last post and I truly apologise for not being able to provide you with some reading stuff... The world is such a place to live in that we just can't describe it. We are almost always finding faults with it, but, love living in it at the same time. It's just hypocrisy most of the times. And, when it comes to the end of the world, there is no one whom I know who believes the world will come to an end... May be today, tomorrow, years later, or even centuries... But, all those whom I have come across till today are people with the attitude that 'I-don't-think-world's-ever-gonna-come-to-an-end!' Doomsday may not just be real. Who cares if it is? I do. It's not always that we switch off the lights and fans when not in use, not always that we turn off our cars at the signal, not always that we make sure we aren't just wasting resources, not always that we mend a leaking water tap as soon as possib